Services for Children and Adolescents

Are Your at Your Wits’ End?

You’ve tried everything you know to support and encourage your struggling child yet it doesn’t seem to be what they need.  

The cycle repeats itself over and over. You try to help with homework, but it often ends up with both of you feeling frustrated and misunderstood.

You are unsure of what to do differently or where to go and get the answers – but you are at your wits’ end. That you do know.

Anger or defiance can become a normal behavior for a child or adolescent. You ask questions and try to understand what is happening, but somehow the communication between you goes awry.

You’ve tried everything you know to support and encourage your struggling child yet it doesn’t seem to be what they need.  You know there has to be a different way.


We love working with children and adolescents!

We have several services parents and children will find helpful.  

Neuropsychological testing is a way to observe your child’s capabilities and behaviors in order to point you in the right direction for treatment. 

Neurofeedback therapy is a non-medication-based treatment that can ease inattention, anxiety, depression, or learning challenges – commonly experienced by children and adolescents.

Neurofeedback can be helpful for children with autism or other neurocognitive disabilities as well.

Play therapy provides a safe environment for your child or adolescent to express what they are struggling with. It is something most children look forward to attending, because they feel supported and can be themselves.

Talk therapy helps adolescents and older children learn skills to find their way and make decisions on their own.  We can help you find understanding and better ways to communicate.  I think that combines a couple of sentences.  

We can help you work through these difficulties by finding more understanding and better ways to communicate.

Our therapists often engage with parents while also working with your child. Suggestions, ideas, or strategies can help you to better understand how to help your child when they are struggling.  

Our team is dedicated to providing you hope and success!

Whatever issue your child or adolescent is struggling with, we can provide support. We are here to help your children become successful and to support you as parents in that success.

Call us today at (719) 323-3094, so we can help your family.