Neuropsychology found me!


As a child, I remember enjoying taking electronic toys apart and putting them back together. I was so curious as to what was underneath the plastic covers and how things worked.

When I was in graduate school, my focus was to help those who had struggled with trauma. However, during my coursework, I became interested in testing, neurofeedback, and neuropsychology. What I love about neuropsychological testing is the ability to help people really understand what they are experiencing, so they can achieve the success they desire.

Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to help many people do just that. I will never forget one of the kiddos I worked with while in school. When she came in, she had had many behavioral health diagnoses thrown at her with the most prominent being ODD. She was so much fun to do testing with! She was bouncing all over the room and on the couch.

At one point, I vividly remember her laying on the floor, with her foot resting up on the table I was testing her with. She was supposed to have been sitting across that table from me, she just couldn’t do it. I really just enjoyed observing her. While she was all over the place, she stayed connected with me and answered the questions I asked her.

When all of her testing was done, we found that she was very bright and was likely bored with her classes. Testing showed that she had ADHD and depression. It was during that time that I found out that depression manifests differently in children. For her she was angry, aggressive, and defiant.

Neuropsychological testing is so beneficial to many. I really enjoy helping people become more successful in their lives.

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