ADHD and Learning Disabilities

Is your child struggling?

In spite of trying hard, they just can’t seem to pay attention in school or are getting in trouble for not staying in their seat or for talking too much in class.

Remembering what homework was assigned – remembering to do it – and remembering to turn it in often does not happen. When you ask why that assignment was missed, you get the shoulder shrug.

Does it seem painfully obvious that they have to try so hard to be successful in school?

There’s no end to the number of times you have to remind them of the same things at home over and over again.

You work with your child one-on-one at home, but it seems so much harder for them to get some of the simple concepts they are being taught in school. There seems to be frequent mixing up of letters or numbers.

Retaining information is also a big challenge. They seem unable to understand math concepts past simple addition or subtraction.

In spite of all the extra work they are putting in, they just can’t seem to catch up to their grade level – and you are unsure of what to do.

And medication is something you want to avoid.


Forgetfulness is not just for the young or old.

Adults can lose focus and the ability to organize things. This inattention can affect you adversely in college or graduate school – and on the job.

It’s particularly frustrating when others around you seemingly understand things easier; they grasp the problem and resolve it while you’re still trying to think through the issue.

Losing things, finding yourself in a room and feeling unsure of why you are there, and being constantly late to appointments are all troublesome issues if more frequent than just once-in-a-while.


We can help!

For elementary or high school students, we offer neuropsychological testing. This is where we perform a variety of tests that will help us to identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses. We are then able to give you recommendations that can help your child be more successful in school and at home.

We also can help you obtain accommodations for school or testing, so that you have the ability to succeed.

If you are an adult, neuropsychological testing can help you better understand your strengths and weaknesses. This helps you identify ways to be more successful.

Neurofeedback changes everything!

With neurofeedback treatment, we can treat your dysregulated brain wave activity so that problems with attention and executive function (memory, emotional control, impulse control, organization, and problem-solving) can get better.

Parents who work with us are happy to have alternatives to help their children who are struggling find more success in school.

We do the most technologically advanced neurofeedback, LORETA z-score neurofeedback, which allows us to see the dysregulated brain wave activity that is specific to areas of learning and attention.

Children Are Saying

“I no longer have to be told how to do a math problem three times, but I can do it after the teacher completes their example.”

“I can look people in the eye.”

“I can sleep better.”

“I can pay attention.”

“I can do my schoolwork for hours at a time instead of needing so many breaks.”

Adults Are Saying

“I find myself not being as forgetful.”

“I am more productive at work.”

“I am able to notice more details.”

“I can pay attention and not have to be told the same thing over and over.”

We have the answers to some of your frustrations!

Our goal is your goal – to help your child find success – without medication.

As an adult, we can help with your attention struggles or other challenges like disorganization, staying on task – being a reliable employee.

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