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When all hope is lost…

Each time you get up the courage to try to solve your continuing issues with anxiety and depression, instead of moving forward you stay static or even take a step back.

Talk therapy sounds great, but the issues of panic attacks and worry day and night do not go away or even subside.

You try to forget the past, but traumas you have experienced keep haunting you. Your world has become smaller and smaller as you try to avoid things that trigger you.

Is there hope for answers?

Your child is struggling. You have tried everything you know to do as a parent, but it does not seem to be enough. You are looking for answers – answers that would help you provide the support your child needs.

You find yourself struggling with memory and thinking problems ever since your concussion/traumatic brain injury years ago. You feel like things that used to come easily are really challenging now. You don’t know what to do to feel “normal” again.

Where did the hope go?

The days run into each other with no relief from the dark outlook on life. The dreams are gone – absorbed within the persistent irritability and moodiness.

Hope has disappeared… and is affecting your relationship. At first there was an attempt to understand the quagmire in which you seemed to be stuck. But after months and years, perhaps, the patience of your partner has gone away. It’s more intolerance now.

What can you do? Feeling normal is all you want. You’ve tried medications, and those just created other issues.

Let’s take a step together and try a holistic approach to your issues.

Our advanced assessment tools evaluate and treat psychological, cognitive, and physical symptoms.

We believe that addressing dysregulated brain wave activity holds the solution to many problems with which you may be struggling.

We start with a neurofeedback evaluation where we not only discuss your condition, but also use specialized brain wave testing equipment (called a QEEG) to better understand what you are experiencing.

During this detailed evaluation, we look for:

  • Physiological symptoms you experience
  • Dysfunctional brain wave activity
  • Dysfunctional brain wave connectivity
  • Symptom correlation with dysfunctional brain wave activity

We then partner with you to develop a personalized treatment plan.

Your treatment will include a powerful combination of neurofeedback and other neurotherapy treatments to help you feel better.

When doing LORETA or surface neurofeedback, nothing is input into your brain with the electrodes that are attached to your head through a cap or by individual placement. Instead, the electrodes are reading your brainwave patterns just like an EKG does with reading your heart activity.

While doing neurofeedback training, your brain learns to become healthier by your brain wave activity training toward optimal perimeters that have been created to address your symptoms.

When doing neurostimulation, a tiny amount of electrical activity is applied though individual placement of electrodes on your head. If felt, it may feel tingly like a tens unit. We often use neurostimulation along with LORETA or surface neurofeedback, as we have found that it enhances people’s treatment, which helps them to feel better more quickly.

All neurofeedback protocols are designed specifically based on what your brain says it needs. Your protocol will be based on addressing the symptoms you find are most disturbing to you. People often find that any apprehension that they may have about neurofeedback treatment usually goes away after the first session.

Getting you back to being ‘YOU’!

Our tools not only address anxiety and depression. We have the skills to work with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as well as concussion or traumatic brain injury.

If your symptoms are not as dramatic as being the result of an injury or trauma, that does not mean they are less important. Sleep deprivation, migraines, chronic pain, effects from chronic stress – these, too, can be addressed and helped in our clinic.

There are also treatment options for autism, ADHD, and learning disabilities, among many other issues.

We can help you find hope again.

Neurotherapy helps bring balance back to the brain so that people can feel more “normal” and enjoy things as they once did.

Psychotherapy often helps people feel supported as they are able to feel safe and talk about the thoughts and feelings that continue to creep into their lives.

Neuropsychological testing helps people to better understand what their memory and thinking problems are. It helps parents whose children are struggling in school or who have difficult behaviors.

What if you could open a door that would give you renewed hope? To something that is lasting, something that makes it easier to move through life’s challenges that we all face.

Don’t give up.

Don’t suffer needlessly.

Reach out now to give us the opportunity to work with you – to find your hope again.

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Welcome to Neuro Hope Psychotherapy & Neurofeedback

It takes courage to ask for help and to believe things can be different. We want to help you feel hopeful again.

Our practice supports people by looking at the whole person. Our treatments address psychological, cognitive, and physiological symptoms.

We have a strong team at Neuro Hope. Our treatment team is invested in you and how to find the desired change you are longing for.

We listen to what you have to say so that we can understand the symptoms and problems troubling you the most. We then collaborate with you so that we can move forward with a treatment plan you feel good about.

Our team specializes in working together to help you move to the life you only dreamed was possible.

To move from the impossible to the possible.

To help make your deepest wishes come true.

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