QEEG Brain Mapping

What’s QEEG?

Quantitative Electroencephalography (qEEG) measures and records the brain wave activity, which results from your brain’s electrical activity patterns.

We use qEEG to determine if you have deregulated brain activity (significantly different from “normal” activity) that corresponds to physiological symptoms (anxiety, depression, problems with attention, concentration, lack of impulse control, memory, symptoms associated with TBI, PTSD, Autism, etc.).

Raw QEEG is a representation of a person’s brain wave activity that has a lot of significant slow activity.

What do you do with my qEEG?

Dr. Bonack, the founder of Neuro Hope, is highly specialized in analyzing qEEG, is  is Board Certified in Neurofeedback and also has her qEEG Diplomate. This enables her to look more comprehensively at your data when determining which neurofeedback protocol might be best for you.

Dr. Bonack will analyze your QEEG to determine if you are an appropriate candidate for neurofeedback and if you would benefit from neurofeedback treatment.

It is important for us to do a QEEG prior to treatment, as this gives us a picture of any type of dysregulated brain wave activity; in other words, you’ll get to see the results of your brain maps.

If you’re a candidate for neurofeedback, we’ll use your QEEG results to customize a prescription for neurofeedback treatment to address your specific needs.

Check out our neurofeedback page for more information about what this looks like.

Event Related Potentials (ERP's)

While qEEG allows us to look at your brain activity at rest, ERPs allows us to evaluate your brain wave activity in response to auditory and visual tasks.  We can see how efficiently you process information you hear, like conversations or spoken directions.  We can also see how well you process visual information, such as what you might see in books, charts, or even faces.  


Evaluating ERP’s along with your QEEG helps us to see the full picture of what is going on with your brain wave activity. With this comprehensive work up, your neurofeedback protocol, will be further be customized to fully address the issues you are struggling with.

Disorganized Auditory Response
Amazing Visual Response

This is from the same person. This is an example of how we see ways that people process data. The one that is amazing is very close to a perfect response. It is a really great visual response. Her auditory response is very disorganized.”


How do you know I am progressing?

Throughout your treatment, we will obtain several QEEGs to see how your treatment is progressing, and Dr. Bonack will continuously optimize your prescription, so you get the best results. Everyone is different; we’ll use the specific protocols best suited to your brain maps and LORETA analysis.

You don’t have to meet with Dr. Bonack after each additional QEEG, but you can always schedule an additional appointment if you like.

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