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Are you a Veteran?

Something isn’t quite right; your family says you are not the same, and you don’t seem to know how to connect with them.

A part of yourself is lost.

The sense of pride…leaving you confused about the meaning of your service.

You find unwanted memories and scenes coming to mind and can’t seem to drown them out. Alcohol, drugs, or engaging in thrill-seeking activities only do so much to make the pain go away.

So, you withdraw more and more, as you just don’t want to be a part of the things you once enjoyed. No one understands…

Military families

It has been such a hard journey. You all started with the best of intentions, but the family has suffered.

Deployment creates a heavy load for the one left behind. It takes hard work to keep the family together while your loved one is gone. It’s lonely, and you often don’t get the support you need as you try to juggle all of the household roles.

You wish the deployments, distance, and moving were not so hard on your children. You see them struggle with their emotions at home and school. They are acting out in ways they don’t when mom or dad is home.

You know it takes a little while to transition each time, but you wish you had more support.

Our team is here to support you… to offer hope.

We understand the struggles of military life. The transitions and the loss of freedoms that many of us hold dear.

We understand you.

Some of us have either served in the military or have been the spouse of someone who has served. We have friends and family members that have struggled.

We understand the uniqueness of military life.

We are here to offer you a hand, to walk on this journey of healing with you.

Working with military service people and their families changed my career.

It was during my training in school that I began working with the military and their families. I had not been exposed to the military life before that. My heart was forever changed, as I began working with individuals and families who struggled.

The realization that when you are in the military you have no life of your own was a turning point.

Nothing felt stable. I saw people who didn’t see the same doctor or couldn’t see their psychiatrist, because they were TDY and didn’t know how to get prescriptions filled.

I saw appointments that were cancelled, because command decided they needed them for something else.

I saw families who experienced grief, as their loved one became someone they didn’t know. I saw the grief and loss that those who have been in combat experience. It was as if all innocence was lost.

I am deeply grateful for all of your sacrifice. It is what spurred in me the drive and desire to offer neurofeedback, therapy, and neuropsychological testing.

We are here to support you and your families in your time of need.

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