Neurofeedback Changes Lives

I had the chance to go to a neurofeedback conference a couple of weeks ago and saw many presentations that inspired me. I got into the field of neurofeedback as a result of wanting to help people feel better. I often find that as people feel better, they are able to engage in psychotherapy in a different way that helps them to gain insight and achieve their goals.

My passion for neurofeedback has remained strong as I work with people and see them continue to regain their lives back. As people are able to reduce symptoms related to anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD, chronic pain, and TBI, they begin to think more clearly, which helps them to achieve their goals more quickly.

This can look different for many people, but what I most often hear people say is that they are able to get along better with others, they feel more clear, are more positive about life, less fearful of things they were fearful of before, or they find they are able to think about things more objectively. Often during or after treatment, people are able to re-engage in activities or things they had not been able to do for a while.

As people feel better, they often feel more hopeful about life and the things that they want to achieve for themselves. Being able to help people in this way inspires me every day.

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