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“Dr. Bonack is one of a kind. I have PTSD and had run into challenges both physically and emotionally many years prior to finding Dr. Bonack. I saw several Doctors that worked in this field and used similar approaches to treat PTSD. Dr. Bonack was the most approachable and understanding of any of the Doctors that I visited. Not only was she a great communicator but she was the most knowledgeable of all the practitioners I saw and was extremely effective in her approach to treatment of a myriad of symptoms.

Dr. Bonack uses leading technologies and practices in an integrated approach that is impossible to find anywhere else. Her integrated approach using psychotherapy, nerurofeedback, low level laser treatment, brain mapping, and eeg had me feeling better than ever before after completing the recommended treatment plan.

It is now nearly two years later, and I am still in shock at the sustained improvement and function. I have referred numerous people to Dr. Bonack. My son, who does not have PTSD but needed help in focusing and attention at school, was guided by Dr. Bonack to use a home-approved treatment. In less than a week his teacher called my wife and I from school asking what we had changed, where we had found a solution, etc. She wanted to refer several of his peers’ parents to the same solution we were fortunate to have found.

Having looked for help for years, I will be forever grateful for the advice, treatment, and professional friendship I found at Neuro Hope Psychotherapy and Neurofeedback. Keep up the good work Dr. Bonack. Your work changes lives.”
– S.S.
“The first thought that comes to my mind when I think of Dr. Bonack & her team is…THANK you for bringing our son back to himself!! We consulted with Dr. Bonack because our son (now 21) had struggled for years with depression, sleep disruption, general and social anxiety. At times these challenges bubbled up into intense depression with angry outbursts. With those outbursts, his emotions launched from “0-100” in no time flat (at times the cycle happened multiple times in a week). When we tried talking it out, it often escalated in a heated scattered debate relating to everything but the original topic rather than a conversation.

On the outside, he has always been an empathetic, creative, generous guy, well-liked by teachers and others yet on the inside he was suffering deeply. He tried meds & various other therapies. Nothing helped for long.

Starting in late middle school and throughout high school, we were afraid he might resort to suicide because he felt “nothing is going to help anyway…”. Heartbroken seeing him suffer, we felt helpless and hopeless.

None of us saw a way out of the cycle until we heard about Neurofeedback and Zoe. Our son agreed to see her. He began treatment approximately October 2017. His last session was May 2018. Flash forward to July 2018. From the parental viewpoint, change started and has continued from day #1 of treatment (he left home irritable at 8 am for treatment & returned home looking calm, peaceful, friendly). Like any process, there have been occasional setbacks. But those setbacks have NEVER approached the frequency, intensity or quality of the “old patterns”.

We see him talk through a conflict in ways he seemed unable to before treatment. The old confrontational reaction during conflict is extremely rare and we see significantly fewer episodes of depression and anxiety. If any of these old patterns do occur, the quality, duration, and intensity are significantly reduced. He looks more calm and grounded. He talks about his future with interest, excitement & hope.

Our son says this: “The people are really nice, really helpful” and “It’s helped with (managing) stress and sleep. I feel the ‘spin up’ less, I can focus better. It DEFINITELY helped with depression. Yes, it helped with anxiety too but less so, but I also think other stresses are involved with that.”
– Michele
Zoe has a true passion and grace for each of her clients. She is on the cutting edge of this therapy and science. So grateful for the healing I have received from Neurofeedback and would highly recommend Zoe at Neuro Hope!
– Sara

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Dr. Bonack is very warm and caring. She takes real pride in the work that she does. My daughter has a Neurocognitive disorder that Dr. Bonack diagnosed, after we had gone down many different avenues to get some answers. Out of all of the doctors and testing we had done for our daughter, Dr. Bonack gave us the starting point we’ve been looking for. She continues to keep in touch, and is genuinely concerned about her patients. She has offered to help us find additional resources for our daughter.

I would recommend Neuro Hope and Dr. Bonack to anyone looking for answers and help in the right direction. Thank you, Dr. Bonack! I can’t thank you enough for truly caring about our daughter and us.
– Kisha
All I could do was lay motionless in the dark with no TV, no electronics, no writing, no music. My head would spin when I would try to get up. My job includes traveling all over the world speaking to thousands of people. I wondered if I would lose my job and never be able to work again. A friend told me how neurofeedback therapy was the key to her healing. I googled neurofeedback and found Neuro Hope. I absolutely love Dr. Bonack. Through neurofeedback therapy sessions, Dr. Bonack helped me gain my life back! Actually now my life is even better than before the concussion as she helped me learn how to deal with anxiety that plagued me for much of my life. Thanks, Neuro Hope, I’m back going 100% and the sky is the limit!
– Mary
I began seeing Dr. Bonack after suffering from health problems for several years. She was recommended to me by a friend who had seen Dr. Bonack after her own health scare.

Dr. Bonack’s warmth and knowledge were apparent from our first meeting and she set me at ease. I initially went for neurofeedback but upon her recommendation I also did talk therapy to help process what I had experienced.

The combination of the two played an important role in the healing process. Neurofeedback was an incredible tool and I saw results immediately. I had been suffering from depression and after my first neurofeedback session I was able to feel joy and laugh for the first time in months. I looked forward to my time with Dr. Bonack each week and my healing journey would not have been complete without her treatments.

I cannot recommend Dr. Bonack or neurofeedback highly enough.
– Tammy
I started bringing my five children to Dr. Zoe Bonack @NeuroHopePsych shortly after learning about Neurofeedback. I did my research and found Dr. Zoe was the best fit for addressing the varying needs of my kids. After meeting with Dr. Zoe and getting into a routine with her treatment plan, I have to say I’m impressed beyond expectation! Her devotion and attention to detail has resulted in progress in areas beyond what I’d hoped for, and I’m anxious to see what more is accomplished with our remaining time with her! If you or your child is struggling in any way, I would highly recommend a visit with Dr. Zoe, to see what ideas she has for you.
– Jessie
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