Substance Abuse and Addiction

Are you struggling with substance abuse?

You thought that drinking a little, using marijuana or drugs was not that big of a deal.

Maybe you have tried to reduce the amount you are using, but you are finding it so hard to do.

People are telling you that you need to slow down or stop. You just aren’t sure you agree.

What’s the big deal anyway?

Strained relationships

Relationships are getting strained, but you feel like everything is fine.

Using helps you feel better, calmer, like you can face the world. Why don’t they understand?

It’s reliable, too. You can use what you need at any time, and you know the desired effect. People just aren’t the same. Relationships are messy.


What are the signs of addiction?

Being addicted to a substance, thing, or activity has several specific behaviors:


Substance abuse is not a thing of the past. In fact, it’s probably just as common, if not more so, as people use things other than alcohol to make them feel good.

Often, the addiction creeps up on you even when you are not aware. You think just needing that drink, or a hit of marijuana, or other type of substance, thing, or behavior will make you able to handle whatever you are facing.

The hardest thing about acknowledging and quitting an addiction is that it has become an important part of your life.

Being able to acknowledge you have a problem and being willing to work through your pain and receive help is the first step.

Other addictions

Addiction can present in many ways such as overeating, use of pornography, gambling, gaming, or something else that has taken control over your life.

Addiction can be sneaky. When you start, things feel great, and you are having fun.

Next thing you know, what you are doing is not a leisurely thing anymore. You need it. You need it to feel better. You need it to relax, calm down, and de-stress.

You may be aware you have an issue or maybe it is your family who is asking you to seek help.

Maybe you have been in treatment before but have fallen off the wagon. You know what to do; you just don’t know where to start.


What if there was another way?

Substance abuse and addiction is a personal thing until it becomes public. Maybe you know, maybe those around you see it? It is hard to face sometimes. It is hard to see the full picture.

Psychotherapy helps with finding coping skills that are healthier. Many times, substances and other things we become addicted to are a way to help us not to feel the intense emotions we struggle with.

We are here to help

We are here to walk alongside you on this journey to freedom.

We will work with you to help move forward and take control of your life.

You are not on this journey alone.

Neurofeedback can address the dysregulated brain wave activity that contributes to your addiction. There is actually a neural network (areas of the brain that communicate with each other) called the “addiction network.”

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Neurofeedback along with
psychotherapy can help to
set you free

Neurofeedback therapy is not a cure; you will still need to do the work. But it can help you be free

to live life optimally so that you and those around you do not have to suffer anymore.

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