Mental Health and New Year’s Resolutions

Why not make Mental Health a part of your New Year’s Resolution? Mental health and physical health are equally important in providing the balance that we need.

Addressing your mental health needs is just as important as making sure you are taking care of your body through healthy exercise. So why not make an effort to be purposeful in doing things that can help you slow down and feel better over the New Year? Here are a couple of hints that can help you.

Cut down on technology. Technology has become a great way to entertain ourselves or to have access to instant information that we need. When we are constantly engaged in technology, it makes it difficult for our brains to settle down.

Why not set aside your smart phone, iPad, laptop, etc. for a period of time each day and not worry about who has texted or emailed you? This is especially important at night, as this can be an important time to bond with family and friends. Helping your mind to slow down can help you to rest better.

Make more of an effort to connect with others. We live in a technology-driven world that often gives us instant results. It seems that as we are able to accomplish more, the more we try to achieve often causes us to experience more stress.

I have noticed that as technology is more prevalent, people are often less courteous and less patient with each other. I remember experiencing much more connection during my childhood in public places. We often chatted with the person checking us out at the grocery store, and people tended to be more friendly toward each other.

Why not try to make eye contact and engage with others around you? Acknowledging someone who is serving you can really make their day and give you satisfaction as well.

If you are needing more help than just finding ways to slow down, why not contact a mental health professional? Having someone to talk things through with can be helpful in working through issues that you are unsure of how to resolve.

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