March is Brain Awareness Month

March is a month that brings awareness to those with brain injury. Traumatic Brain Injury – TBI is currently a hot topic as a result of heightened awareness of the effects of repeated brain injury. Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy – CTE and TBI have been highlighted by the media and in the movie Concussion. CTE is a result of repeated head injuries often related to professional sports, especially football that produces devastating results.

Neurofeedback is a treatment that is often able to help people who continue to suffer from a variety of issues related to brain injury. Many of the patient’s that I see have gone through many traditional forms of testing and treatment, continuing to struggle with every day issues. It is not just the individual with a brain injury that suffers but the family suffers as well.

Neurofeedback is not a cure but can often help the brain to become healthier, depending on the severity and type of brain injury. One of the greatest rewards I experience when working with people with brain injury is seeing them actually get better. As individuals begin to heal they often begin to notice themselves in a different way and are better able to control some of the difficult behaviors they have struggled with. It is extremely satisfying to see the confidence that arises as a result of treatment. The individual often feels better about themselves as they continue to feel better symptomatically.

An example of the differences that can be seen in a QEEG from someone with a head injury are shown here. The first image on the left shows this individual’s QEEG results prior to his participation in LORETA z-score neurofeedback treatment. At approximately half way through treatment (21 sessions), shown in the picture on the right you can see the changes that have occurred.

If you or someone you know is struggling with symptoms that remain as a result of a brain injury, please call me at (719) 323-3094 so we can discuss the possibility of neurofeedback helping. #tbi #concussion #brain injury #PTSD #cte #anxiety #depression #cognitiveimpairment #stress #mentalhealth #psychologist #neurofeedback #LORETAz-scoreneurofeedback #psychotherapy #NeuroHopePsych #coloradospringsneurofeedback

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