Sexual Trauma

You are Not Alone

You can’t ‘just forget it.’

What happened makes you feel alone and ashamed.  You feel empty inside and don’t know how to get past the pain.  It’s hard to talk about, even with friends, and you find yourself spending more time alone, hurting.  

Reactions to sexual trauma can include these feelings and more.  

You feel empty inside and don’t know how to get past the pain.


The #metoo movement has caused there to be more conversations about sexual trauma.

Women are not the only victims. Men are, too.

Most survivors of sexual assault don’t report their assault or trauma to anyone.

Sexual assault continues to be  problem in the military.

According to DOD’s Fiscal Year 2018 report on Sexual Assault in the Military, almost 1% of men and 6% of women experience sexual assault, and 6% of men and 24% of women experience sexual harassment.

While it is good to bring awareness to the problem, sometimes hearing about others’ sexual assaults can reopen your own wounds.

There is hope!

You are not alone. From the statistics listed above, either you or someone you know will have experienced sexual assault/trauma/harassment during your lifetime.

Psychotherapy can help you overcome the pain of the past by processing what occurred. EMDR treatment is one of many ways to process what has happened so that it no longer holds you captive.

Neurofeedback can help with the hypervigilance you experience that leaves you feeling you are not safe.

We will support you and listen to you. We will not judge or shame you.

Your life is worth it

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