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Anger, defiance, acting out…

There are daily struggles as you try to control the behaviors your child is exhibiting. Rewards, restrictions – nothing seems to work.

Play therapy may be your answer.

Children struggle, too.

Our children need additional support for many reasons. Like adults, they struggle with grief, trauma, depression, anxiety, or interpersonal relationships.

Often unsure of how to communicate, they may act out – it’s all they know how to do.

Play Therapy For ChildrenWe communicate hope through play.

We often expect our children to communicate using words the way we have learned to do. However, many children use behaviors to communicate their feelings or needs.

Children do not always have the words or strategies we expect from them. Instead of understanding their anger and what seems to be defiance, we may see our children as naughty or acting out.

Play therapy is a safe way for children to learn to express their feelings and what they are struggling with without having to use words at all.

Art is another effective way to better understand the way a child sees their world.

For children who have experienced trauma, play therapy is a way for them to enact their trauma so that they can move past it.

Play Therapy ActivitiesWe provide a safe environment for you and your children to learn new strategies to cope.

Play therapy provides a safe environment for your child to express what they are struggling with. Most children look forward to attending, because they feel supported and able to be themselves.

Play Therapy BenefitsWe encourage parents to talk to their children about coming to our office to play. Sometimes children feel confused or hesitant about the word “therapy.” This may be because they have heard other children be made fun of or have heard negative things about the word “therapy.”

Play Therapy TrainingInterpreting play to help your child

Children have the most amazing way to show us what they need, which we will hear, if we know how to listen. Our play therapists know how to interpret a child’s play.

We strive to work in a collaborative relationship with parents as well.

Don’t wait to start. Call us today at (719) 323-3094, and let’s talk about how what we offer can help you and your child.