Family Therapy

It’s okay to need help

Family dynamics – not what you dreamed they would be?


Each one is running off in their own direction, never doing anything together anymore. How can you reduce the strife and bring about more connectedness?

One of your family members is struggling and has been engaged in individual therapy. Now the therapist is recommending family therapy.

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Wait a minute; what is family therapy about?

The purpose of family therapy is to help families reconnect – to better understand current family dynamics and to help the family become healthy again.

Families can reunite through family therapy where everyone can feel heard and understood. There the family can receive guidance on how to communicate and respect each other.

When each family member feels supported and not blamed, the entire unit benefits.

Family therapy works.

We can help you improve your relationships.

If you are a family who is needing help, we are here to help you better understand each other and improve communication.

Relationships and connectedness are important to our well-being. When relationships are good, most other things improve. When they are not doing well, our perspective on other things can dim as well.

What you will receive from us:

Don’t keep struggling to have a happier family. Let us help.

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