COVID-19 update: We are offering Teletherapy services for all psychotherapy appointments and some neuropsychological testing. Neurofeedback services are open.

Services for Children & Adolescents

Wits’ End?

Now you know where it is… you’ve found it in your quest to support your child or adolescent!

It’s likely when your child is struggling at school. You’ve tried everything you know to support and encourage them – yet it doesn’t seem to be what they need.

The cycle repeats itself over and over. You try to help with homework, but it often ends up with both of you feeling frustrated and misunderstood.

You are unsure of what to do differently or where to go and get the answers – but you are at your wits’ end. That you do know.

Anger or defiance can become a normal behavior for a child or adolescent. You ask questions and try to understand what is happening, but somehow the communication between you goes awry.

The frustration returns as the same scenario is repeated what feels like daily. You know there has to be a different way.

We love working with children and adolescents!

We have several services that we find parents and children alike find helpful.

Neuropsychological testing is a way to observe behaviors and capabilities your child has so that we can give you an accurate diagnosis and recommendations on what things might be helpful for your child.

Neurofeedback is a treatment many parents appreciate, because it does not require your children to take medication for things like inattention, problems with anxiety or depression, behavioral issues, or learning disabilities.

Neurofeedback can be helpful for children with autism or other neurocognitive disabilities as well.

Play therapy provides a safe environment for your child or adolescent to express what they are struggling with. It is something most children look forward to attending, because they feel supported and can be themselves.

Talk therapy and experiential therapy are also helpful for children or adolescents. Being an adolescent is difficult. During this time, children are trying to find their way and want to make decisions on their own.

We can help you work through these difficulties by finding more understanding and better ways to communicate.

We offer family therapy as well. This can often help with providing better ways to communicate and better understand each other.

Our team is dedicated to providing you hope and success!

Whatever issue your child or adolescent is struggling with, we can provide support. We are here to help your children become successful and to support you as parents in that success.

Call us today at (719) 323-3094, so we can help your family.