Group Therapy

We are More Alike Than Different

It is difficult to face challenges alone.

It’s hard to tell your story and know that someone won’t want to walk away.

How could someone possibly understand what your journey has been like?

When you’re being contemplative, you recognize there are others with your same problems.

Others struggle, too.

If you think a while, you’re likely to recall someone who was telling their story and parts of it rang true for you.

What did you feel in that moment? The range of emotions could be from ‘understood’ to ‘hope’; from feeling less alone to wanting to share your story, too.

The benefits of group therapy are many.

Group Therapy is a way to connect common people with common problems. It can be helpful to talk to others who are struggling – even if your problems are different.

As you grow together through sharing, the group will:

Groups we offer:

If one of these groups is of interest to you, please call us at (719) 323-3094 to find out more.

We are on this journey together. Come receive the support you need.