Couples Therapy

We all need help connecting

No one challenges us more than the ones who are closest to us.

Relationships are hard. Everywhere you turn someone is getting divorced or another long-term relationship is ending. Can anyone get it right?

When we get married, we see the best in our spouse. It’s easier to overlook the things that seem like minor irritants. As time goes by and the feelings of closeness dwindle, it’s easier to let those irritants get in the way.
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It is harder to connect. It takes more effort.

Life is busy, and everything else gets in the way… work, school, children, other family members. The arguments get more heated and nastier things are said. Is that really what your spouse thinks of you?

Somehow you aren’t listening or hearing each other anymore. Miscommunication becomes frequent. You ask, “How did we get here? How do we get to a place where we can feel close again?”

Don’t give up.

Let us help you to connect.

We help you learn to communicate with each other so that you are able to listen and be heard.

We guide you in establishing and maintaining healthy intimacy.

We help you detangle the issues you are having trouble understanding.

Happy relationships are an important part of your well-being.

Call us today at (719) 323-3094, so we can help you work toward the relationship you long for.